It’s Too Easy to Lose Motivation

Lately I’ve found myself in this sort of rut. It’s not the usual rut where you think “oh I don’t know what I want to do with the rest of my life” or “what is my one true calling?” Although those are a part of it, it’s much more than that. I’ve been thinking about where I’m going to end up and how to make a name for myself. Growing up, I’ve been extremely blessed with two parents who have done everything in their power to provide for me and make me happy. I’ve traveled to places that most people will never see in their lifetime and I’ve experienced things that many people won’t get to experience. When I think about this, I think not only about how grateful I am for it all but how someday I want to provide that same childhood for kids.

Like most millennials, I struggle with the idea of a 9-5 job unless it’s one that I truly love. Problem is, I don’t really have that one thing that I love. That’s why I created this blog. Writing has always been my thing. Traveling has always been my thing. Why not combine the two? But I’ve hit a wall and I’m struggling to see the other side. We live in the a society where we can be whoever and whatever we want to be. Literally. People are instagram famous because their dog looks like them. I think as a whole, we are becoming more and more accepting and this includes being able to make a career for yourself that doesn’t fit the traditional mold. The idea is great, of course, but it’s not that simple.

Like everything else, you have to put in the work in order to see results. Although I can admit that I have slacked a bit with the blog, it can be extremely discouraging when I feel like I’m doing everything right yet nothing is changing for me. It can be a kick to the ego and make you want to give up. My motivation lately has dwindled. This lack of motivation leads me to think that maybe I am going to have to suck it up and get a salary job that I will forever be unhappy with. Yet I know deep down, this isn’t true. It’s an internal game of tug of war that I have with myself on a daily occasion.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that I’m surrounded by many people in my life who are also trying to break the mold and be different whether it be with photography, writing, or music. Watching them pursue their dreams makes you think. If they can do it, so can I.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in comparison and it most cases, it can be extremely unhealthy. But what if some comparison is good? When I see the people closest to me kicking ass, I think about how it’s possible for me too. They might not be where they want to be but have they given up? Absolutely not. And I think that that is one of the most inspiring traits a person can have.

When things aren’t going the way you want them to go, you have to use that to fuel your fire. If it’s something you really care about, putting in the work no longer becomes work and the payoff is worth all the blood, sweat, and tears (figuratively or literally). I may not be where I want to be but I won’t be quitting anytime soon. If you’re anything like me (which I know you are because we all feel this way at some point in our lives) read a book, look at people who are doing what you want to do as inspiration, watch podcasts, listen to TED talks, go outside, do whatever you need to do to get your mojo back. It truly is up to us to make life worth while for our current selves and our future selves. And if you are struggling just keep in mind, every day is a new day. Every day is a new chance.

“The universe took it’s time on you, crafted you precisely so you could offer the world something distinct from everyone else. So when you doubt how you were created, you doubt an energy greater than us both.” -Rupi Kaur

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