Best Places to Eat in Malibu

HI FRIENDS! I took a little vacation and it’s been a crazy hectic couple of weeks but I am back and better than ever (or so I’d like to think). I will be posting more often now so be sure to keep an eye out. And now to the fun stuff..

I don’t think I’d ever consider myself a foodie (I’m way too picky..) but I have to say that when I’m on vacation, I try to scout out the best restaurants I can find. Thank goodness for Yelp. We just got back from Malibu last week and I have to say that we had some of the best food I’ve ever had. SO, I decided to help you guys out and put together a list of my favorite spots in Malibu, California.

Duke’s Malibu

Okay, so my family has been going to Hawaii almost every year for as long as I can remember so Duke’s quickly became a staple in our diet. Lucky for us, there’s one in Malibu right on the coast so of course we had to stop by while we were in town. Not only is the food great but the view is even better. Be sure to sit in the Barefoot Bar outside to truly take in what Malibu has to offer. Forewarning though, when the tide is high, if you’re sitting by the windows, there is a chance you will get wet! Highlights include the lava flow (a piña colada with strawberry), crab wontons, burger, and most importantly the hula pie. Just be sure not to look at how many calories you’ll be consuming.. they don’t count on vacation anyways, right?

Malibu Farm

When we visited LA in March, we stopped by here for brunch and loved it so we knew when we came back, we had to stop by once again. Only this time for lunch. Much like the first time, we were extremely impressed. For brunch I highly recommend the breakfast burrito and fried egg sandwich. They also have delicious nachos and meatballs as well as fresh squeezed juices and a coffee bar. I do think that what won me over though was the fact that it was right on beach. How could you not enjoy lunch when you’re hearing the waves crash and the sun is hitting you just the right way.

The Old Place

During our stay in Malibu, we found the best airbnb’s ever. And when I say ever, I mean literally ever. But I’ll get to those later. At our second airbnb, an airstream in the Agoura Hills wine country, we were given a list of restaurants to visit and The Old Place made it to the #1 spot, so we decided to go for it. The Old Place is an old post office and general store that was turned into a very small yet quaint restaurant in 1969. They’ve served everyone from Dolly Parton and Bob Dylan to Robert DiNero and Sean Penn. Here you will only find 5 booths and 3 tables so be prepared to get pretty cozy with your neighbor because there’s not much room. The steak and potatoes are to die for so you won’t even mind by the end of the meal. Adam and I both ordered steaks and quickly realized it was A LOT of food so expect to have some leftovers. Or just share with someone. Also, because it is so small, there’s usually a wait. Luckily, they are right next to a winery where you can kill some time. If you make your way to Malibu, be sure to go sometime from Thursday-Sunday because these are the only days they are open!

Malibu Cafe

Okay so out of this list, this one has to be my all time favorite. Malibu Cafe has made it’s way all across instagram as the “hipster/basic white girl” place to visit and I have to say, it’s for good reason. With it’s cute country decor and even better food, they did not disappoint one bit. They are more known for their brunch but unfortunately we were not there for the weekend so we made our way for lunch. I had the best fried chicken and mashed potatoes that I have ever had. Like it actually changed my life. In fact, just typing this is making me crave it like crazy. The best part is not only the food but the atmosphere as well. Tucked away in the hills, you’re surrounded by greenery and plenty of land to explore once you’re done eating. They include games such as life-size chess, connect four, ping pong, pool, and more. Apart of the restaurant they have a separate bar, BBQ stand, market, and store to do a little bit of shopping. I guarantee you will find yourself spending hours here. It’s hard not to. Now if only I had that chicken right now..


So technically this isn’t in Malibu, it’s in LA (and all over California, really) and technically every person ever has posted a picture of it on tumblr but I just tried it for the first time and I was loved it. I looked like an idiot when I walked in and had no idea how the place worked but once I figured it out I settled for a pasta salad, grilled chicken, and mashed potatoes with a cucumber mint lemonade to wash it down and I was left wishing they would open one here in Phoenix. They have so many different options for sandwiches, salads, and sides and you get to mix and match which allows you to really pick and choose what you want.

Malibu has quickly become one of my favorite places to getaway and their food doesn’t disappoint. Next up I’m going to talk about my favorite beaches so be on the look out! Are there any restaurants that you went to in Malibu that you love that I missed? XO

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