Best Beaches in Malibu

Growing up I’ve always been a beach lover. A lot of my tattoos are beach related and I feel a true sense of peace when I’m laying by the ocean. Unfortunately, Arizona has no beaches, however, living next to California has it’s definite perks. The biggest one being I’m only 6 hours away from the sea. When we were planning our trip to Malibu, we knew that the number one thing that we wanted to do most was spend our time at the beach. I did a little bit of research and found some personal favorites that I am going to share with you (even though I shouldn’t because who doesn’t love when they have the beach to themselves)

Lechuza Beach

Our first airbnb, the yurt right on the beach (I will be posting pictures soon), was right across from Lechuza Beach and with the recommendation from our host, we decided to walk down and give it a try. This beach was only a 5 minute walk from our airbnb but if you are parking, you will probably have to park in the neighborhood right above it or at the beach entrance off of Broad Beach Rd. We accessed it through E. Sea Level Dr. Once there you will walk down a short flight of stairs and find your own private beach. Okay I can’t say completely private but pretty dang close. When we went, it was around 4 in the afternoon which tends to be a quieter hour and there was only a small handful of other people. It’s the perfect spot to lay out a blanket, play some music, and read a book while laying in the sun. There are also a lot of rocks around making for some gorgeous pictures. We all know I’m about those photo perfect moments.

Paradise Cove

Unlike Lechuza, Paradise Cove is usually a bit busier, but it still offers some of the best beach days you will find. Here you will find surfing, a cafe, umbrellas, and a private pier. Unfortunately, much like other California public beaches, you will have to pay a fee to use their parking. And it ain’t cheap. If you’re looking to park in the lot for beach access, it will cost you a whopping $35. And it jumps up to $50 on weekends. Yikes. If you get your ticket validated at the cafe, weekdays will only cost you $6 and weekends are only $8. They do check for a $30 minimum spent at the cafe on weekends. Sounds like a lot of crappy information, right? Moral of the story is just park on the street and walk down to save yourself the trouble and a lot of money. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

El Matador Beach

This happens to be one of my favorite beaches in Malibu for plenty of reasons. It’s kind of a hidden gem and not too many people spend their days here. Because of this, you will find that crowd levels are always pretty reasonable. We went two days in a row this trip and once last time we were in LA and there was nobody here. The best way to park is to use their lot.  You will have to pay but it’s only $3 for an hour and $6 for 2 hours. I believe you can pay $12 for a day as well. A lot easier on the wallet than Paradise Cove. I know it sounds crazy because I’m such an advocate for street parking, however, I would not recommend this due to the fact that you’ve already got a pretty steep walk to the beach from the lot. Once you’re at the lot, there is a staircase down the 150 foot bluff to get to the beach. Going down is the easy part. Coming up will definitely give you a bit of a leg workout, but the views and water make everything worth it, without a doubt. It’s a truly romantic spot.

Point Dume

In my research, I found a place called Pirate’s Cove, a spot that is suppose to have some of the bluest water in California. Obviously this meant that we had to find it. It’s located between Zuma Beach and Point Dume so we decided to make our way to Point Dume. Sad news is that we never found it. Turns out it’s easier accessed from the Zuma side and you have to climb through some rocks to get there. Good news is that we found Point Dume, another killer spot. Point Dume has about a whopping 5 parking spots so it’s really hard to find a spot unless you’re willing to be patient and sit around and wait. Which does pay off by the way. Adam told me to wait and I refused and there ended up being a lot of spots. Oops. If you’re like me, there is a spot in the neighborhood where you can park. If you follow Cliffside Dr. up and turn on Grasswood there will be a sign that says no parking, keep going until the arrow on the no parking sign is only facing one direction rather than two. Anything behind that sign is free game. Sounds confusing, right? It’s a lot easier than it sounds. You can choose to walk the trail and overlook the beach which is pretty amazing or take the long staircase down where you will find a beach with plenty of open space to relax. We did go when it was a bit cloudy and chilly which I’m sure affects the crowds but it was pretty empty. I think most people decide to spend their time at other nearby beaches but I recommend heading here instead. If you’re a surfer, this also seems to be the spot to catch some waves.


Every time I come to Malibu, this is where you will find me. Are there any other beaches that you know of that I missed? XO

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