Best Instagram Spots in Phoenix

Let’s be honest, Instagram has taken over our lives and it has become a badge of honor if someone compliments your aesthetic. Sure, keeping up an Instagram is easy when you’re traveling all the time but what about when you’re stuck at home, spending majority of your time at work? I’ve tried to take it upon myself to find some of the best Instagram spots in Phoenix so if you’ve got a free weekend, be sure to check these out.

The Saguaro

If you’ve read my post about Palm Springs (located here), you know how much I love the Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs. It just so happens that we have one here in Scottsdale as well. It’s the perfect spot to drink a pina colada while lounging by the pool. The colorful walls and umbrellas don’t hurt either.

Ruze Cake HouseĀ 

Okay, so last time I was here, they were also a part of Teaspressa. However, I’ve since learned that that they no longer serve the delicious tea drinks anymore making it a bit harder to have an excuse to visit now. They focus on wedding cakes and custom desserts though I’m sure they’re used to people stopping by just to take pictures of the interior. Just look at this place.

Lola Coffee

Located in downtown Phoenix, Lola is the spot to stop if you’re thirsty and in need of a cup of joe. And you can’t go wrong with a cute brick wall.

The Bosque/The Pueblo

Plants have quickly become trendy and taken over instagram. They make look rooms look homier all while purifying the air. More and more plant shops and nurseries have popped up all over the valley and I’m a little ashamed to say that I have visited a majority of them. However, I have gotten some pretty dang good photos (and plants for that matter) out of it.


The Henry

Sam Fox restaurants have also taken over Phoenix and not only is the food delicious, some of them make for some pretty good photo ops. After you’re done eating your caramel apple french toast and sipping your latte (just trust me on those), be sure to stop by the marquee sign out front.

Diego Pops

My favorite instagrammable spots are the ones where you can find some yummy food. Much like The Henry, not only does Diego Pops have delicious tacos and margaritas, their decor is very retro with neon signs and bright colors.

I’m always searching for new spots to Instagram and I’m sure this won’t be the last time I make a list since I’m always discovering new places. Are there any that you know if that I missed? I love suggestions!

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